impact update
spring 2019
Donor Spotlight
Graham presents his piggy bank to Paige Dooley, MSN, MBA, RN, NE-BC, Vice President and Chief President and Chief Nursing Executive at Community East and Mark Peterson, Sr. Financial Analyst.

Donor Spotlight
7-year-old Graham Wright Donates Savings to Community Hospital East to “Help People Get Better”

Graham Wright could have used his money to buy a toy, but instead he chose to donate $10 in savings to help Community restore patients to health and to their loved ones. His donation has touched the hearts of patients and hospital staff and inspired support from other donors.

It takes time to collect $10 in coins, especially when much of that is in pennies. But Graham Wright was focused on the goal of filling his piggy bank until it could hold no more.

Once his piggy bank was full, Graham announced that he wanted to donate his savings to Community Hospital East. “I wanted to help people,” he says. “The hospital is the place where most people go when they’re hurt, and I like to help people who are hurting.

“If you give, it will help people in the hospital who are hurt. It could even save their lives.”
—7-year-old Graham Wright

“I was really happy I could help them because I knew the money would help the hospital help people get better,” Graham says.

Graham’s decision to support Community was influenced by his father who works as chaplain at Community Hospital East, a grandmother and aunt who have both worked as neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurses and the memory of his grandfather, Tom.

Although one of his friends still can’t believe Graham gave all his money to the hospital, the inspiring young man insists, “It means more to me to give money than to use it for things like toys. I like that giving is something kids can do—it’s not just for adults.”

Graham encourages people across Indiana to join him in support of Community because, “If you give, it will help people in the hospital who are hurt. It could even save their lives.”